CANCRO is India’s first and only Deuterium depleted water. It is a 100% made in India product by Star Impex Beverages.

Does Deuterium Depleted Water Have Health Benefits?

Did you know that deuterium-depleted water (also known as heavy water) is becoming more and more popular?

It’s gaining a reputation as being a miracle water. But can it help with many different health problems?

In this article, we will explain the health benefits of Deuterium Depleted Water.

What is Deuterium-Depleted Water?

Deuterium-depleted water is unlike natural water. Deuterium-depleted water is water with less Deuterium in it. Every litre of natural water has 150 parts per million of Deuterium, which means that every 6000 hydrogen atoms have Deuterium. Heavy water contains extremely little Deuterium (25 – 125 ppm). Deuterium-depleted water has the following benefits.

Sustained Homeostasis

By lowering the deuterium level in drinking water below the natural level (135 ppm and lower), the deuterium content in the body can be kept quiet at the recommended level. As a result, the organism’s homeostasis can be sustained for extended periods which natural water cannot perform.

The human body can deplete Deuterium on its own. Still, its ability to do so declines with age, sickness, and vitamin D insufficiency.

Improved Mood and Memory

Drinking deuterium-depleted water (DDW) has been shown in studies to alleviate symptoms of depression and stress. Surprisingly, it boosted the memory region of the brain and increased wakefulness. DDW may improve the reference memory as an index of long-term memory.

These effects were comparable to those of SSRI (antidepressant) medications.

Protection from Diabetes and Heart Diseases

Heavy water was investigated for its ability to:

  • Cut the levels of cholesterol and blood lipids
  • Improved insulin secretion
  • Protected the heart

The study revealed that DDW significantly helped with cardiac issues and cholesterol.

Liver Protection and Detox

Deuterium-depleted water (DDW) has been shown in experiments to protect and stimulate the liver. Scientists investigated DDW’s potential to:

1. Restore oxidative liver damage

2. Increase the production of protecting molecules like glutathione.

3. Reduce the number of inflammatory chemicals in your body (COX-2, PGE2)

4. Avoid Liver infection and injury.

5. Improve detoxification pathways

Cancer Treatment

Clinical results reveal that patients with prostate, breast (13), and lung cancer who took DDW with 25 to 125 ppm of Deuterium lived longer. In prostate cancer investigations, studies showed the prostate volume to be considerably lower in the DDW-consuming vs control group, and DDW eliminated urine issues in specific DDW-consuming individuals. 

Two of the four patients with brain metastases in the DDW investigations had a complete response (CR), and one had a partial response (PR); also, CR or PR was observed in all of the underlying tumours.

CANCRO is India’s first (and only) Deuterium depleted drink (water). Consumption of this drink has shown positive results in managing lifestyle diseases such as tumours, cancer, diabetes, obesity etc. CANCRO is available in 500 ml bottles only in packs 2 and 6.

CANCRO has a Deuterium content of 125 ppm. Heavy water is advised for usage in the control of lifestyle illnesses, obesity, and general organ performance.