CANCRO is India’s first and only Deuterium depleted water. It is a 100% made in India product by Star Impex Beverages.

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What is Deuterium D

Deuterium is one of the three forms (called isotopes) of the first element, hydrogen. The first hydrogen isotope is named ‘protium’ (the most abundant by far and the lightest), consisting of a proton and an electron. Protium is commonly expressed by the symbol ‘1H’. The second isotope is named ‘deuterium’ (much less abundant than protium but twice as heavy due to the addition of a neutron). Deuterium is commonly expressed by the symbol ‘D’ or ‘ 2H’. The most important fact to know is that in nature, both protium and deuterium combine with oxygen to form water molecules.

What is Deuterium Depleted Water?

What we commonly refer to as water, consume every day, use to prepare foods and beverages, irrigate our lawns, wash our clothes and put out fires, is more complex in its composition than is indicated by the popular chemical formula “H2O”. Chemically speaking, natural water predominantly consists of three molecules: H2O, HDO and D2O, and if you consider all the isotopes of oxygen and the various configurations, there are really 63 different types of water molecules known, in approximately the following ratios. CANCRO Deuterium Depleted Drink (DDW), is a term given to a unique composition of water with added benefits in terms of extracts of curcumin and iodine, in which the natural deuterium content is at least 20% less than 155 ppm, which the deuterium content of the ocean and the highest level present in the natural waters on Earth.

Why remove/reduce the Deuterium content?

Research shows that decreasing the level of deuterium in the tissues and organs is a natural biological process. However, the body’s ability to deplete deuterium decreases as we get older, sicker and get less exercise or sunlight. This natural system is the target of the deuterium depleting procedure. By changing the deuterium level of using any drink below the natural level, the deuterium content in the body can be kept low even if the said natural cell process is faulty. By proper choice and continuous consumption, deuterium depletion in the organism can be maintained for long periods.

Does Deuterium Depleted Drink occur naturally?

There is no ‘perfect” 100% Deuterium Depleted Drink with 0 ppm deuterium in nature. All natural water / drinks, contains different concentrations of deuterium. The’ lightest’ water on Earth, formed as a result of natural meteorological processes, is the snow and ice in Antarctica, which is approximately 89 ppm, the closest to the water inside our cells which is 40-60 ppm. Unfortunately, as perfect as this water would be to drink, its remote inaccessibility keeps it from being used as a drink resource. Deuterium Depleted Drink may only be obtained in large quantities by artificial means.

Is Deuterium Depleted Drink safe for everyone?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the use of CANCRO Deuterium Depleted Drink. Use as you would use in place of any drink like tea coffee, milk, water included.

Can Deuterium Depleted Drink be combined with medications?

Yes, Deuterium Depleted Drink can be used like any other drink product, for daily use with no age restrictions. Nevertheless, always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding the introduction of anything new to your diet.

Are there any side effects in the usage of CANCRO Deuterium Depleted Drink? Is there an aftertaste?

With regular consumption of CANCRO, a more complete purification of the whole body from deuterium occurs. This process may assist to increase the functional activity of cells, organs and some body systems. CANCRO is technically deuterium depleted drink and has no specific taste as there are no impurities or flavourings in it. However many people have expressed that it feels cleaner and lighter on the palette.

Can CANCRO Deuterium Depleted Drink be boiled, frozen or heated like regular water?

CANCRO can be used like any other type waters, likes Freezing, heating, boiling will not affect the deuterium levels of CANCRO. Only dilution with other liquids will impact the amount of deuterium.

How much CANCRO Deuterium Depleted Drink be consumed per day?

1/2 to 1 litre per day 125 ppm is an excellent amount to deplete your deuterium levels to 125 ppm below over a period of 45 days.

How can one order CANCRO internationally?

For all international orders, please send an email with your requirements to Our teams will connect with you to help you place your orders.