CANCRO is India’s first and only Deuterium depleted water. It is a 100% made in India product by Star Impex Beverages.

Cancro Drink

How is Deuterium extracted from water?

Deuterium is a type of chemical element discovered in the late 19th century. It is also known as a rare earth ion and sometimes deuteron. This is a naturally occurring element on planet earth and is assumed to have been formed billions of years ago. 

Deficient levels of this chemical element are present in water. It exists at such shallow levels that extraction requires separation techniques capable of producing ultra-pure deuterium compounds without having any contamination by other factors or ions.

Deuterium Depleted water is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors. However, DDW has a lot of health benefits apart from its wonders in the nuclear reactors

Before you purchase our products, it is more than likely that you will be curious about our craft. How can this refined form of water be extracted? There is no need to panic because we will teach you the secrets behind it.


Ordinary water from most natural sources has approximately one deuterium atom for every 6,760 ordinary hydrogen atoms. 

The Deuterium content is enhanced in the leftover water. Continuing to electrolyze hundreds of litres of water until only a few milliliters remain provides nearly pure deuterium oxide.

The extraction of deuterium from seawater is a straightforward and well-established industrial technique. “Heavy water,” or D2O (water in which deuterium replaces hydrogen), is extracted from ordinary water via chemical exchange methods and then electrolyzed to produce deuterium gas.

Girdler Sulfide Process

The cost of heavy water is a significant component of the construction cost of a heavy water reactor, although it makes the reactors less expensive to operate. 

Deuterium is not “created” in a distinct process; relatively, fatty water molecules are isolated from enormous volumes of H2O or singly deuterated water in the Girdler sulphide process. 

The Girdler sulphide process is based on a deuterium exchange between H2S and ordinary light water. This method primarily works due to the circulation of hydrogen sulfide gas between hot and cool towers.

Laser Treatment

Graham M. Keyser’s patented laser process generates deuterium fluoride from hydrofluorocarbons, which can then be separated physically. 

The hydrofluorocarbon process is cheaper than the Girdler sulphide process, but it is not economically viable due to the cost of obtaining hydrofluorocarbons.

As discussed above, these are some ways deuterium is extracted. We at Star Impex Beverage have created India’s only ‘Deuterium Depleted Drink’. Available in 2 sizes, packs of 2 and 6, at competitive prices. The Deuterium level in CANCRO is 125ppm. The recommended use of water helps manage lifestyle diseases, obesity and overall organ performance.